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THE CLAIRE'S HEART PROJECT... All Heart in the Heartland

Claire’s Heart is an important part of The Claire Foundation mission.  Growing too large has been a problem and issue for many small sanctuaries, and requires many more volunteers and resources to support.  The goal of The Claire’s Heart Project is support as many small sanctuaries as possible in the Heartland, through coaching and mentoring.  Small sanctuaries provide the best use of human and financial capital, and are also the healthiest and best for the animals, so they can live in more natural environments with more homelike human interaction.  If you are interested in starting a small sanctuary, and would like to receive free coaching and mentoring as you move forward, please call us at 573-760-0984 and leave your name and number, or e-mail us so we can arrange a time to talk about your dream.

You can also call if you need help dealing with any issues with your own pets!  We are here to help!